Thursday, 16 February 2012

Remove/Delete autorun.inf infected files by using autorun eater

Many of times you have met with an error by your antivirus saying that autorun.inf file is infected though your antivirus doesn't delete that file.You may have tried many other antivirus to deleted this autotun.inf virus from your removeable disk drives but it doesn't. To get it deleted any how you finally format your pendrive or removable disk drive.

Now Don't just get frustrated of this infected file use Autorun Eater to get it deleted and relax.
Autorun eater is a small freeware available for download that takes care of your pc from autorun infected files and deleted them after showing a warning on the screen. It's a small utility that gets installed withing few seconds and gets precessed at background and gets placed in the system tray i.e. in the below right side of your desktop.

It a freeware that automatically delete the infected files as soon as your plug in your infected devices and shows a warning at your screen and protect your pc to get infected from autorun.inf virus.

Autorun eater also gets pin up in startup menu so you dont need always to click and open application.

Features of Autorun Eater include scanning local hard drives, setting priority (high or normal), setting removal method (automatically or ask for confirmation), closing autoplay (enable or disable) .
Autorun eater also fix your Regedit issue, task manager, folder options and many more.

Key Features of Autorun Eater
Scans and remove infected autorun.inf files from all your hard disk drives.
Priority scanning (high or low)
Add or Remove from startup registery
Scanned results are logged
Backups infected files if it represents a false infection
Shows warning for deletion of infected files

Download Autorun Eater Updated Verision here


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