Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Datawind Aakash Tablet -14lakhs units Booked in 14days

Aakash being the cheapest tablet in the world, 14lakhs units of Aakash Tablets have been booked  just in two weeks after it was put on sale online for Rs.2500/- a piece. The Aakash tablet has created a record of been booked of 14lakh units.
Aakash tablet

Datawind currently has only one Factory in Hyderabad but because of unexpected demand for tablet vendor-Datawind has decide to put up three new factories in Cochin, Noida and Hyderabad in the first half of 2012 for fast delivery of tablets. During Online sales Datawind received 1 lakh orders of  aakash tablet per day.

Aakash(UBISLATE 7) has been booked and Company has started bookings of UBISLATE 7+ an upgraded version of Aakash(UbiSlate 7) Tablet. UbiSlate 7+ has also been booked for the month of January 2012 and February 2012 and Company has started the Pre-Booking of UbiSlate 7+ for the month of March.

Here’s snapshot of Booked tablets and pre-book of March 2012

UbiSlate 7+ (upgraded version of Aakash) is Better than Aakash as it has Cortex A8 - 700 Mhz Micro processor with GPRS, 3200 mAh , Sim & Phone Functionality. UBISLATE 7+ has a price tag of Rs.2,999/- and you can Pre-Book it for the month of March 2012 From here


  1. Akash have revolutionize the education sector.